Psalm 22: A Paraphrase, A Psalm depicting the Passion of Our Lord

My God, my Father, why have you forsaken me?
Why do I feel so lost and alone?
That even You,
Who promised to be with me,
Seem so far away on the pains of this cross.
Answer me.

I have seen better days!
You are my strength and my glory
Make me not forget
That those who believed in you were saved,
And those who cried to you were heard.

Yet now, I feel the loneliness,
Of those who choose right,
Who loved truly and fought for it,
But now seems defeated
All who see me mock me.
They laugh at me and deride me.
See, they are testing You
Saying that if You are true
You will deliver those who serve You.

I have no one but you
You are my life
You are my God
You are the one who sustained me
Do not leave me now.
That the calvary is so near.

Many evils are surrounding me,
My enemies encircle me,
They are tearing my limbs
As my life ebbs from me.
And now I’m losing heart
My heart that believes in You,
This heart that loves You,
Heart that belongs to You.
I can count its pieces,
Broken parts of who I am
And who You are in my life
They are carrying it away
Claiming them as empty fantasies.
The world wants to corrupt them
As its own.

But even now, I know
That even in this brokenness
You can save me and make me whole.
Even from the jaws of death
You can snatch me
And it is in the midst of this darkness
Where I will finally realize that You are Light.

And thus I will proclaim your victory
In the assembly of your people
Together with my friends
We will declare your glory
For in this forsakenness, you are there
You are with me on the cross!
You have given me your heart,
A heart of your child,
Destined for your kingdom,
Living in glorious freedom!

All your children will gather.
From the ends of the earth,
The whole creation will jump in praising You
For You are our Father
The Creator of the Universe.
From the sleep of death
You will gather us
Breathing only by your love
So that we may live for you.

The generation yet to come
Will know you
And the salvation
You have wrought
In this forsakenness
And brokenness.


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