I believe in love

I believe in love.

Because I believe in God

Whose very identity and nature

Is nothing but love

He has created me with a love so pure

And sustains me with a love so strong

That neither death, nor life,

Nor the past, present, and future

Nor any height and depth

Nor anything else in creation

Can ever separate me from this love (Rom 8:38).

Love is my sole destiny.

A love so happy,

That it is worth to fight for it

And to wait for it

Even though it hurts

Yes –even though it hurts so much

For I know

That its capacity to hurt

Creates an abyss so deep

That enlarges my heart

Only to be filled with joy

To the brim

When the right time comes.

Yes! For love can eventually conquer all

When that perfect time comes

If I choose to love

Day by day

A process that

Purifies me

With a fire that burns all my flaws

Transforms me with a pruning to make me grow

And perfects me

Showing me who I really am and what I am truly capable of.

Love is the only thing that can make me whole

Even though my heart is broken

Again and again

For it is the only way

To shed my old self

And bring in

A wonderful being reborn.

I will strive to know love

For in knowing love

Comes understanding



Things that can make love


And true

Despite weaknesses

And imperfections.

Love is real

For those who have been hurt

For those who wait

For those who sincerely seek

For those who hope against hope

For those who take risks

For those who are brave enough to fall

For those who keep faith

For those who fully forgive

For those who look forward

And move on

For those who give their all

For those who hold on

For those who reconcile

For those who pray

And lastly,

For those who stay.

God is love

And he who stays in love

Stays in God

And God

Stays in him (1 Jn 4:16).

I believe in God.

I believe in love.

I believe in forever.12695227_10207588539687755_532025490_o


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